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Stop spending hours of effort searching for private company information. Access everything you need to know in the SourceScrub deal origination platform.

Find Private Companies

Harness accurate Private Company Information in seconds

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Identify non-transacted companies as potential merger and acquisition targets

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Rapidly analyze target business firmographics, including growth of employees, investment data and more

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Proactively track updates to key public and private companies for stronger market intelligence

The most robust and accurate database of founder-owned businesses right at your fingertips

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Private company information, uncovered in seconds

SourceScrub’s database allows you to uncover founder-owned businesses in various stages of life. From early-stage companies that are beginning to appear in technology forums, trade journals, or blog posts, to more mature companies attending conferences or appearing in Inc. 5000 lists, our research approach ensures that no stone is left unturned.

"Before working with SourceScrub I was spending hours manually aggregating conferences lists, awards lists, and key company data points from all over. Now I am able to quickly identify worthwhile conferences, awards lists, and new/interesting prospects while feeling confident that the private company information I’m sharing with my team is accurate"

- Research Associate, FTV Capital

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