Data Enrichment for M&A Pipeline Management

Ensure your M&A pipeline management is as effective as possible with the best data enrichment tools. Learn more about SourceScrub's platform.

Enrich your Data

M&A Pipeline Management, informed

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Synchronize merger and acquisition targets automatically into your CRM or export into Excel

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Access contact information for key decision-makers

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Procure and refresh firmographic and dynamic business metrics continuously to enhance your deal flow process

Keep your deal pipeline full with continuously refreshed data

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Soured and duplicative data in your deal pipeline is unacceptable

SourceScrub fuels your M&A workflow with AI-augmented, human-audited company data that’s refreshed systematically. Siphon data from the companies that matter by filtering on size, ownership, and sector to quickly identify top opportunities. and Never again worry about soured or duplicative data polluting your system of record with our proprietary tools. Out-of-the-box capabilities and integrations functionalities include SalesForce, DealCloud’s DataCortex, and SugarCrm, and our data is easily exportable in csv format.

"SourceScrub helped our team pursue a more structured and strategic sourcing approach; it integrates directly with our CRM, enhancing our data quality and improving our coverage."

- Investment Professional, HgCapital

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