Data Scrubbing Tools for Conference Intelligence

The right data scrubbing tools are essential for effective conference preparation. Learn how SourceScrub's software can enhance your conference prep

Prepare for the next Conference

Proactive, not reactive, Conference Strategy

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Analyze company information for conference participants using our data management and data scrubbing tools

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Identify your best leads at the conference in-advance

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Enhance your data quality by leveraging tens of thousands of lists from domestic and international events

Conference Intelligence, actionable in minutes.

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Tradeshow lists, scrubbed in full detail

SourceScrub’s solution takes the headache out of attending a conference. Gone are the days of wasting time and money on traveling to tradeshows and hoping to initiate ad-hoc meetings and interactions. Never again scrub a list—Search through the comprehensive list coverage within our software to find accurate data sources relevant to your investment thesis, or If you find a list we don’t have, leverage our data scrubbing services with a team of 500+ researchers and get it scrubbed it on-demand

"Uncovering businesses within target sectors that meet the parameters of our thesis now takes only minutes within a 1,000+ company conference list—a process that took us days to evaluate in the past."

- Associate, Silversmith Capital Partners

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